2. "Hundreds of our old neighbors, friends, coworkers, and teachers are new insomniacs. They file for dream bankruptcy, appeal for Slumber Corps aid, wait to be approved for a sleep donor. It is a special kind of homelessness, says our mayor, to be evicted from your dreams."
    — Karen Russell, from “Sleep Donation: A Novella”
  5. rafsmuse:


    Cai Guo-Qiang “Falling Back to Earth

    (via gay-with-a-gun)


  6. "Our loves are like the conduits and pathways of these investments that are not, once again, of a familial nature, but of a historico-political nature, and the final problem of schizoanalysis is not only the positive study of desiring machines, but the positive study of the manner in which desiring machines carry out the investments of social machines, whether it be in forming investments of the libido of a revolutionary type, whether it be in forming libidinal investments of the revolutionary type."
    — Gilles Deleuze ‘Capitalism, flows, the decoding of flows, capitalism and schizophrenia, psychoanalysis, Spinoza’ (via ant143a)

  7. "Le vent se leve, il faut tenter de vivre."
    — Paul Valery

  8. "The strange thing about these exponential curves, is that the farther along the curve one projects the present, the shorter the time interval between successive points, until time all but stops, in the midst of an immense acceleration. This is the point at which the curve challenges us to imagine a world defined not by a time, but by a speed: one which cannot be merely an extension of our own, a difference in degree, but rather something which takes on a difference in kind: another sea, another wind, another world at right angles to our own."
    — Seth Denizen. “7. What is the Exponential?” in Making the Geologic Now. p 68.

  9. "For me anthropology is the freest of scientific endeavors because it potentially does not stop at boundaries that interfere with the capacity of the mind for self-reflection. This is a moment for new syntheses in a world that is both interconnected and disconnected, on a planet where long term survival is at risk. Anthropologists should not shrink from the big questions. We have a large part to play."
    — Laura Nader, interview “Think Like an Anthropologist.” http://allegralaboratory.net/think-like-an-anthropologist-a-conversation-with-laura-nader/
  10. Wang Feng - Chuntian Li

    汪峰 - 春天里


  11. "In lieu, then, of a theory of social construction, as we would reckon it, we find a Melanesian theory of social action. Action is understood as an effect, as a performance or presentation, a mutual estimation of value. Such presentation we might be tempted to call ‘representation’; in indigenous terms it is perhaps better apprehended as ‘knowledge’. ‘A symbolic expression is the actualization rather than the representation of people’s shared understandings’ (Clay 1977:3)."
    — Marilyn Strathern, The Gender of the Gift. p 174.

  12. "Without destruction there can be no construction; without blockage there can be no flow; without stoppage there can be no movement."
    — Mao Zedong, from “Directives Regarding Cultural Revolution” (1966-1969).